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Gulf Racing colors

A reminder to me of just how cool the Gulf racing colors are…(via Sean Smith Design blog)

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Delta 7 bike frames


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Really cool website with a lot of vintage speedway images. As one of my earliest memories, the speedway tracks smells, noise and dirt are near and dear to me – this site catalogs many of the now, sadly, closed tracks all around the UK.  Also a fantastic source of info on the bikes and riders.

Link after the jump…

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Another B&R beauty…


Ok, so I love Bell & Ross watches – this, however, is my new favorite…

Great color combo and nice 42mm case size makes it a bit more wearable than some of their larger models. Now…who can i convince to give me the $$$ to get it on my wrist…

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Rebellion T-1000 Vertical Roller Timepiece with 1000 Hour Power Reserve

“One of the horological highlights of Baselworld has to be the incredible rebellion T-1000 featuring 1000 hour power reserve, 6 mainspring barrels, two tiny chains, a double hairspring, titanium case and aluminum chassis.”

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WTF Should I Make For Dinner?

What The F Should I Make For Dinner?

Quite refreshing in it’s simplicity – generates random recipes for those stuck for ideas.


Just thought I’d share a shot of the 69 Mustang I’ve been working on. Looks cool just in wireframe…

And can you honestly say ‘Meshy’ without sounding like Big Sean saying ‘messy’??